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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Luahan Rasa Syukur...~~~~

Firstly, Alhamdulillah, thank to God for the blessings given and the opportunity for me to become a teacher. Comes from teachers family background, never cross in my mind to become a teacher like my mom and dad someday, but I’m very thankful because I will be a part of the zillion teachers. After graduate, I got my first job at my hometown, Johor, and worked as an account assistant for 2 years at bunker Oil Company. Lots of experience I get during working at there and within these 2 years, all my colleagues always called me with the title of “Guru Besar”. Don’t know why I was called like that, maybe because of my physical looks “chubby” and my character at the office. But now, I really thankful to them because of their prayers I get offer to continue my childhood ambition. I’m pretty sure; both of my parents are the happiest person hearing that I will continue study being a teacher.

Dated of 07.04.2010 has changed everything in my life, my first attempts was success and on that day I need to register at University Technology Mara (UiTM, Shah Alam) to take the course of DPLI (Diploma Pendidikan Lepas Ijazah). I really didn’t aspect that this is will be a tough course because we need to finish this course in 10 months include 3 months of practicum. Various subjects that we have learned in this course were mean to achieve the objectives of post-graduate Diploma in Education (DPLI). It is not easy for us to attend this program. There are lot of trials and challenges that have confronted us. But, I still feel very grateful for the opportunity to study and take this DPLI course.

Almost one year at Uitm, this DPLI course really have change in me, especially in my attitude and my “box of thinking” about teaching. Before this I always thought that teaching is the simple process of transferring knowledge from one person to other persons. But it is not only that, besides transferring the knowledge to the students the teacher also responsible to build the student excellent in the term of JERI. I also didn’t aspect someday that I’m an ordinary person will give that extraordinary things in my life. I’m really thankful to all my super heroes and heroin lecturers that always give support, sharing their experiences and time with me and my friends to complete this course successfully.

There were many things I have learned during these two semesters, facing with the new subjects about educations and so on. During semester 1, meetings new members of new becoming teachers was make me feel likes little “ant” because most of them was graduate from IPTA universities with average CGPA 3.50 above. But, everything was change because all my friends always support and never once seeing me as a loser even thou they all knows I was graduate from IPTS university. “We are here to make friends. We are here to be a great teacher. And we need each other to completing this, so that our dream will be coming true”, Nor Hafizah Md Salleh thanks to your words my cuties friend. I really appreciated it.

I also remembered on what Dr Norshidah Mohd Nordin said in her class, “For being a teacher not only rely on your interest, not just rely on your degree scroll, but to be a teacher, first you must pray and ask it from Allah, because being are teacher your heart must be fully with sincere and honest”. These sounds pretty beautiful; what Dr Norshidah said is true, it is because the truly teacher is the teacher that always doing their job in teaching with fully sincere and never ask for gift or rewards.

She also reminds us not to become teachers 25th every month. Hehe, it’s sounds funny, but what she trying to says is, she did not want all of us become teacher that just come to the school doing teaching without any point and waiting for the salary at 25th every end of the month. She wants all of us being a teacher that will give an extraordinary impact to the students.

After semester 1, without any week of break, I and all my friends continue our DPLI semester 2. At this semester we also facing new subject of education, but this semester more tuff rather than semester 1. At this semester also we all must well prepared to get ready doing our practicum. What I really like in this semester class is the very experienced lecturers that always sharing their stories about their last students. Most of their stories become the spirit that encourages us to become the super teacher.

“When we talk about teacher, there is not only chalk and blackboard; there is not only about book and pencil, but it something that when someday u see a person that can still remembered and called you “teacher”, it is about how you feel about it, even he did not wearing branded clothes or drive a Mercedes car, even he just a worker not a boss.” – Dr Shariff Bin Omar. Yes, it is about how you feel about it. Maybe I can’t feel it right now, but by seeing the face of Dr Shariff, I can say; that is how “a teacher” feels.

Almost 1 year was being DPLI students in UiTM give me lots of new exposure about teacher life. This course really helps me and my friends to build an image of the future teacher in ourselves. Even many of people out there said students nowadays totally different with the previous students, but as a teacher I will take it as a challenge. It is because I believe as long there were called are teachers there must have a students, as long there were called are students, there also must have a teachers. Therefore, a teacher and the students cannot be separate.

“In you I see me,

Through you I found me,

With you I know me”

–Pn Rohaya Abdul Wahab.

Thanks Madam, thanks cause always guideline us with your touch full philosophy. It is fact and true, nobody can live alone in this world. “No man in an island”. We always need each others. Like us, we need our students, we need them, because we also want them to be a person, it enough if I can see my students can survive and build their own beautiful life. I also really need my students, to me become a better teacher, to me be more sincere, to me be more sensitive about what is the real teacher going to be. Teacher is not only about how you teach, it all about how u being admire and inspiration for the rest of your students’ life.

I want to thank you to all of my lecturers who are always committed to build us to be a human and extraordinary teacher. I cannot pay it, but I will pray it and ask from Allah to give all my lecturers strengthen, long life with healthiness, and live happily ever after. I am very grateful for all that has been determined by Allah. I also pray that I will be given the strength and spirit to assume the responsibilities conferred and determined by Allah. Insha’Allah. Amin..

Sunday, December 4, 2011

PiLiHan~~~ ChOicE~~eLeCciOn~~ part 1

memilih.. dipilih.. dan terpilih... makne yg berbeza tp sebutan yg hampir sama... bile kiter sebut pasal pilihan dalam hidup semua org tertumpu dengan pilihan hati~~ walhal ade perkara lain yang boleh dikaitkan.. pilihan kerja.. pilihan belajar... n so on... tp pilihan hati jd first place dlm our mind.. nape? sbb kiter akan ckp tnye sama hati~~~ hehehehhehe....

TEPUK DADA TANYA SELERA... IKUT KATA HATI.... INSTINCT (NALURI HATI).... semua hati.... bile masuk bab pilihan hati... semua dah ade list nak yang terbaik.. nape nak yang terbaik?
sebab :
1) kiter dah cukup baik...?
2) kiter yang terbaik?

SBB... kiter TAMAK... pada pendapat aq.. sbb kiter tamak.. kiter nak semua yg ter... dlm hidup kiter.. tp tak pernah nak cermin diri sendiri... erm.... renung-renungkan.. (out jap).. (",)v

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

CaLL mE mAK LoNg~~~ heheheh

 nama budak comel kat atas ni.. NUR DAMIA HUMAYRAA.... hehhehhe comel mcm mak long nurul nyer...hehheh ni lah permata hati kami sekarang~~~  anak buah n penyambung zuriat pertama buat family katnin bin nasir (ayahnda ku)  (",)v... merah2 kan muker baby gurl ni... seperti maksud nama nye.. kemerah-merahan.... hwhhehhehe comelnyer anak buah maklong nie.. cepat besau yer.. nanti mak long leh pakaikan reben kaler2... gaun comel2.. hehehhehhe kami semua syg damia.~~~ muahck!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

boWLiNG bersama cikgU2 SMKPU (1)

maen b0WLing wif cikgu2 SMPKU (1) N cingu cekgi praktikal..(",)v... conok.. heheeh lama dah rsanyer aq tak men bowling nieh.. hehhe naik kejung gak punggung n pinggang.. heheh tp conok sgt2... have fun giler2 dgn cikgu cekgi praktikal.. huhuhu mesti windu sgt2 nanti diz moment~~~ terasa cepat lak mase berlalu.. owh kengkawan.. teruskan perjuangan kiter k utk mendidik ank bangsa.. heheheheh peace!! (",)v

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm bAcK!!! (",)V

lama dah tak mengupdated blog nie~~ huh windu nak berbloging... latelynie sibuk sgt2 dgn skolah.. tp amat besh.. hehehhe conok sgt.. SMK PUCHONG UTAMA (1) amat besh.. baik dr segi skolah.. pengetua, cikgu-cekgi,n especially anak2 murid yang sgt rock, co0l n cutE... hehehheheh
1st time nak p skolah tue.. bermcm2 bermain dikepala... heheheh dgr cter yg best n xbesh.. tp kuatkan smgt sbb kata pown nak jd cekgi kan.. hehehehhehe.. so kat atas tu adalh first sko0l aku b'khidmat sbgi cekgi~~ (",)v..4 buln hampir berlalu huhuhu terasa sedey sgt2.. hwahwahahuahuahua... ank murid cikgu.. cikgu gonna mish u allz damn much!